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This page provides the answers to questions which were raised during our recent engagement campaign.

Why is Homerton going smoke-free?
The hospital buildings are already smoke-free and have been since the introduction of the no smoking legislation in 2007. However, up till now we have allowed smoking in designated shelters on the hospital site. This will cease from January 1 2018 and the shelters will be dismantled. We are taking this action because there is a national drive to ban smoking on all NHS sites. We also believe it is important for NHS organisations to lead by example in trying to reduce smoking in our communities.

What will happen in October?
October is national Stopover month when there is a determined drive to educate and inform people about the health risks of smoking and what they might be able to do to give up the habit. We are introducing the complete ban at Homerton in two phases. In October, we will be urging staff to cease smoking on the site. Then in January the ban will be extended to patients and visitors.

Where can I smoke if not on the hospital site?
We would ask that you smoke off site and away from the hospital site entrances.

What about vaping on site?
Vaping is not included in the ban. People will be able to vape on site (but not in any buildings) but we would ask that if you are to vape, please don’t do it near doorways or windows.

What will patients who smoke do if they are unable to leave the hospital grounds due to walking difficulties and or memory problems?
Patient’s requiring support to leave the hospital can be escorted by a friend or relative. They will also be able to purchase e-cigarettes at the local WHSmith and vape in the hospital grounds. If this is not possible support will be given to abstain from smoking through appropriate Nicotine Replacement Therapy on the wards.

How’s responsibility is it to enforce this policy?
All members of staff will be expected to reinforce the Trust’s Smoke Free Policy in circumstances which they are comfortable to do so. This may include asking patients and visitors to cease smoking on Trust premises. 

Where can I get advice about quitting smoking?
For help and advice to stop smoking:

  • Telephone: 020 8510 7248

    (If no reply please leave a message with you details including telephone number)

  • Mobile 07919545762
  • Bleep: 330
  • Email:
  • Cc Stop Smoking Service in your clinic letters
  • Create an order on EPR

     (Order name: Smoking Cessation Referral)

  • Fill in the EPR dependent habits form

     (This will generate an automatic referral to our service)

What can we do to support this initiative?
We are asking all staff to support this initiative and ask people they see smoking to cease or to leave the site.

A small laminated card for each staff member will be available in December. This card will have information about the policy and where people can get help to quit.

They can also phone 020 8510 7248 for further advice on how to approach people and ask them to cease smoking.