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Art has played a large part in the life of the hospital since we opened in the mid 1980s; and Homerton is host to many contempory works of art.

Jug And Bowl

As you walk around the site you will see an eclectic mix of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures, installation art and mixed media works. These all enhance and reflect our diverse surroundings.

Our rehabilitation patients get involved in art workshops as a standard part of their treatment, we undertake joint projects with local schools and colleges, and our links with local artists and art projects are strong.

Our clinics, waiting rooms, wards and courtyards display the many pieces in our collection: no area is without some form of original artwork. The items featured in the attached guide will give you just a flavour of the pieces displayed throughout the site.   

For more information about the artworks on display in the hospital or to arrange a guided tour, and view some of the other artworks on display, please contact our art curator Shaun Caton on 020 8510 5028/7990 or email

Details of previous exhibitions and displays can be found listed on the lefthand side of this page.

We rely on donations and goodwill from local artists to expand our collection. If you can help in any way please contact our art curator.

For more information on how you can help email

More information

Art plays a robust part in the life of the hospital not just as a collection themes to enjoy while waiting or wandering but also as a meaningful tool to healing. 


Read our news about a recent project with the internationally renowned street artist Stik who effectively gave us £50,000.


Art Workshop 
Stik raised this money to support us in our Art workshops attached to the RNRU department who treat patients with acquired or traumatic brain injuries. Read about how this service works and some of the testimonials we have been getting here