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Annemarie LanghardAn exhibition of the art of Annemarie Langhard was on show at Homerton Hospital from July 2016. The exhibition, called ‘The spirit of the plant’, is a collection of oil paintings with nature as a subject.

Annemarie Langhard was born in Switzerland and started drawing and painting when she was a child during the 1940s. She moved to the United Kingdom in 1957 and attended Hornsey School of Art from 1959-1965.

Homerton Art Curator Shaun Caton said: “Her paintings are celebrations of the beauty of nature. All of the plants in her pictures have been grown by her own hands on her allotment, which gives her work a tremendous authenticity.

“Nurtured from seeds to stunningly colourful flowers, her art work is delicate and finely attuned to the subtle shades and hues inherent in all the flowers she grows. These are far from ordinary flower paintings; they are carefully studied and scrutinized images born from a lifetime of intense study and hard work. They evoke a deep rooted empathy for the power of nature and provide a calming, soothing, environment within the hospital’s Education Centre.”