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Hackney Council’s Cultural Department are to fund two artists in residence at Homerton Hospital during February 2010.

As part of a diverse youth cultural initiative, the Council will fund local sound artists, Pia Gambardella and Paddy Collins (AKA Brownsierra) to create 8 ‘sound mapping’ workshops with long stay RNRU patients.

The workshops will use sound recordings to evoke memories and stimulate conversation and interaction, encouraging patients to create their own experimental sound montage. Both Paddy and Pia are not new to Homerton Hospital, having previously notched up 2 years of voluntary experience between them.

It is hoped that the project will be highlighted in June at Hackney Museum, who are hosting an empowering and innovative exhibition of patient’s art works, which promotes the creative work undertaken in the art workshop programme and the Trust’s unique arts project.

‘This is a tremendous opportunity for patients in the RNRU, and of particular relevance to those with memory problems. We are delighted that Hackney Council has decided to award these artists a grant and further enhance our arts programme’

Brownsierra Performance Paul Burwells Wake Cropped

Brownsierra Workshop Building Exploratory Cropped

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