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This display focuses on sculptor, Kevin Harrison’s (born 1953) notebooks, sketches and various photograph albums. Kevin was commissioned to create the Trust’s zany WAWASHSH sculpture in 1990 by the Artworks Committee.

This bold art work depicts a screaming baby and harassed mother dashing through the courtyard and is currently situated in the T Junction under protective boxing whilst the area undergoes re-landscaping.

The Trust is fortunate to have on loan the artist’s humorous and often
Satirical drawings, photographs of his studio in Hackney (which he occupied during the 1970’s and 80’s) and postcards of his work.

Kevin is also a Mail Artist, networking with artists worldwide via the post. Nowadays Kevin has a studio in Chisenhale Road in Bow and undertakes commissions and residencies at children’s schools. Recently he has been working in South Africa.

The items on display in this cabinet will be changed every week creating an ongoing visual glimpse into his popular and innovative work.

Kevin Harrison is represented by the Treadwell Gallery in Austria.

Kevin Harrison 1

Kevin Harrison 2

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