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The Other Side of Waiting is a series of five interconnected artworks being developed by taking place, a group of women artists and architects, for the new mother and baby unit now under construction at Homerton.

The artworks are united by a shared concern with what happens when waiting is valued. Each artist uses different forms of engagement and participation with hospital users and staff - midwives, expectant couples, essence of care nurses, neonatal staff, local school children and new fathers - to generate the artworks and celebrates the activities and spaces of giving birth at Homerton.

They will be located throughout the new unit – in the delivery suite, the neonatal unit and in the postnatal ward - and we are now moving into the phase one of the realisation of this exciting and innovative project, due to be completed in 2010.

Homerton staff and users have been enormously supportive of our project, but funding has been raised entirely by the group from external sources including the Arts Council England, UCL Beacon Bursaries, Hackney Parochial Charities, Homerton League of Friends and Luigi Maratzzi. We welcome suggestions for other sponsors to approach.

taking place have been working together on art/architecture events and projects since 2001. If you are interested in contributing to the project or would like more details about the group and the project check our website at

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