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In the Name of Love is one of 6 new site-specific artworks under development by the art and architecture group ‘taking place’.

The overall title of this project is ‘The Other Side of Waiting’ and details of all the artworks can be found at

For In the Name of Love I am making a series of drawings that trace the unique experience of birth and the transition of the baby from the mother’s womb into the world of family and culture.

The project involves interviewing these parents-to-be about the name/s they are intending to give their child, and then once the child has been born, producing drawings that connect the name of the mother with that of their child, through a series of ‘echo lines’ each one of which represents a minute of time that the mother spent in labour.

The drawings are produced on long rolls of Japanese paper, and may also be hand-engraved into sheet copper. Each family that works with me will receive a drawing of their own in recognition of their contribution to the project.

More details of this work, along with sample drawings (on paper and copper) and extracts from interviews are currently on view in the Homerton University Hospital Education Centre.

The final work will be installed in the new Perinatal unit – in Autumn/Winter 2009 or early 2010.

If you are due to have your baby at Homerton in the next few months, or know someone who is, and would like to take part in the project, please email Brigid McLeer at

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