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Foreword from the Chief Executive
The NHS across Britain must play its part in protecting the environment. This is both a duty imposed on us and a moral obligation we place upon ourselves. At the heart of our strategy is minimising the adverse effect incurred in delivering health services on the environment, reducing both pollution and waste where we can.

Homerton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust runs both hospital and community health services. We have set ourselves the challenging target of reducing carbon emissions by 35% by 2015 and improving our energy resilience. Our aim is to reduce the carbon footprint from our buildings, travel, waste and water use from 9,760tonnes CO2 in 2008/9 to 6,345tonnes CO2 in 2015

A combination of engineering solutions, clever housekeeping and the engagement and enthusiasm of the people who deliver services will make us an exemplar for environmental protection within the NHS.

The Trust's vision is to be an exemplar site in delivery of sustainable healthcare.

Going green
The drivers for reducing our impact on the climate are clear and compelling. Carbon emissions are closely related to energy consumption and with energy prices increasing there would be a significant risk in scarce funds for frontline services being diverted into ever-increasing energy bills.

The other major driver is that the Government is committed by law to reduce carbon emissions and sees the NHS as being in the vanguard. It is also good practice for the Trust to contribute to reducing carbon emissions as part of its overall good corporate citizenship sustainability agenda.

Our environmental performance manager has responsibility to embed sustainability into the organisation.

The Trust has agreed a Carbon Management Strategy and written a Carbon Management Plan.