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The Trust’s Standing Orders have been compiled in accordance with the requirements and provisions of The NHS and Community Care Act 1990, Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standard) Act 2003 and the NHS Trusts (Membership and Procedure) Regulations, SI Nos. 1990/2024 and 1990/2160.

The Standing Orders, together with Standing Financial Instructions, Constitution of Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Scheme of Delegation, Standards of Business Conduct and Staff Disciplinary, Appeals and Grievance Procedures make up the Trust’s Articles of Corporate Governance.

Standing Orders set out the composition and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the code of conduct to which it should comply. They also set out how Board business should be conducted and contain the Trust’s rules in relation to procurement and Research & Development.

A number of decisions in relation to the operation and management of the Trust are reserved for the Board of Directors (the Board), and Standing Orders set out what these are. It is therefore important that all staff should at least be aware of the content of Standing Orders and indeed the Trust’s Standing Financial Instructions, to ensure they do not breach these important documents.

Visit the corporate policies section to view the policy.