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The clinical services at Homerton are managed within a clinical divisional structure.

Clinical services provided or commissioned

There are three clinical divisions:

  • Diagnostics, Surgery and Outpatients
  • General and Emergency Medicine
  • Children, Women and Sexual Health

Diagnostics, Surgery and Outpatients

Wards and services: Halley, Thomas Audley, Theatres, Day Stay Unit, Endoscopy, OPD, Radiology, Pathology, Healthcare Records, Anaesthetics, Palliative Care Team, Mortuary

General and Emergency Medicine

Wards and services: ACU, Lamb, Lloyd, RNRU, Graham, Aske, ITU, Medical Day Unit, Edith Cavell, Adult Rehab Unit, Mary Seacole Nursing Home, Continuing Care at Home, Diabetes, Cardiology, Therapies, Rheumatology, TB Services, Respiratory Medicine, Pharmacy, A&E, CSM’s, Discharge Planning, Bryning Day Unit

Children, Women and Sexual Health

Wards and services: Templar, Fertility, Neonates, Priestley, Paediatric Starlight (Starlight, Starlight OPD,CEA), Sexual Health, Acute Gynaecology, Delivery Suite, Colposcopy, Gynaecology/EPAU, Fetal Medicine 

For more information visit our services section.

Corporate communications and media releases

We welcome communication with the media. The Press and Communications department provides a proactive media relations service dealing with local, national and international press enquiries, arranging visits and interviews, and providing information about achievements and developments. All press releases are published on the Trust website.

Our staff work within clear policies and procedures in relation to media relations. All media enquiries to the Trust should be made through the Press and Communications department and not to individual members of staff.

PALS, advice and guidance

At Homerton we welcome your views on the care we provide, as this can help us make improvements. Visit our Pals and complaints section for more information

Patient information booklets and newsletters

Visit our Patient information section for booklets and more information.

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More information

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