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Our fundraising really makes a difference to our patients. Below are some of our projects.

Two Colour

Redthread is a dynamic youth work charity. They have teams in London’s four Major Trauma Centres, supporting victims of serious youth violence aged 11-25 and are looking to set up a team at Homerton Hospital.

The teams meet the young people as soon as they can: in the A&E waiting room, on the ward, or even in the resuscitation bay. Redthread believes that this moment of intense crisis, when the young person has suffered an injury in the daunting environment of a busy hospital, often alone, can be a catalyst for pursuing positive change – a ‘teachable moment’

We are fundraising to have Redthread youth workers here in our A&E at Homerton Hospital.

How can you help?
Redthread has been selected as a Co-op cause, part of the Co-op’s Local Community Fund, to help us fundraise to set up a team in Homerton Hospital.

Every time Co-op members shop at the Co-op, 5% of what they spend goes in to their Co-op membership account and 1% goes to a community cause of their choice. Co-op also donate an equal share of the money from sales of carrier bag sales between Redthread and the other causes in the area. All donations will be used towards setting up a youth work team in Homerton Hospital’s A&E.

  • Sign up as a member Register your Co-op card - Co-op membership - Co-op (it costs £1 to join)
  • Choose Redthread as your local project to support with your 1% 
  • Use your card or fob whenever you shop in Co-op
  • Use social media to tell friends and family who shop in Co-op to choose Redthread as their cause!

If you would like more information please email us

Homerton Hope has helped to create family rooms for parents of pre-term babies to stay in overnight, funded a leisure co-ordinator post to help brain-damaged patients in rehabilitation and paid for artworks to brighten public spaces in the Hospital.

The Elderly Care Unit and supporting our patients with dementia

Below is a photo of a current patient (on the elderly care unit), his wife and Irene - one of the dementia care support workers.

January15 034

They are looking at a reminiscence book about World War 2 - there are pictures of ration books, cuttings from newspapers at the time etc. Both the patient and his wife were evacuated as children during the war - and there was lots to discuss. This also gave the patient some meaningful engagement and a distraction from being in an unfamiliar (and frightening at times) environment, while he is being treated. It was of great benefit to the carer also.

Charitable funds and donations have now enabled us to purchase RemPods, reminiscence books and fumble boxes. These are all proving to be a great success to both the patients and carers.

Another project on the the elderly care unit was to refurbish the day room which now looks great and we have started the art therapy classes which are proving very popular.

Along with the day room refurbishment we have also updated the toilet facilities with coloured toilet seats and hand rails, door signs and paintwork. These small changes make a big difference and have really helped to minimise falls with our patients.


Homerton has a wonderful art collection of over 600 works. 

Through Homerton Hope we are fundraising to give even more life, and colour to our outdoor spaces and also to support our art therapy workshops in the RNRU. This unit cares for patients with acquired and traumatic brain injuries. As part of their on-going rehabilitation, patients are offered art sessions twice a week in the Creative Media Room – a purpose designed studio complete with easels, paints, palettes and brushes. The room is festooned with patient’s paintings and drawings.

The RNRU maintains a fascinating and unique archive of patient’s art works in all media that goes back over 20 years.

The art project relies largely on donations, along with the voluntary time and effort of local artists.

Art Therapy Workshop 

The RNRU art workshop encourages long stay patients to express themselves through the empowering diverse media of art. Patients are assisted with the creation of their works in collaborative projects that help to focus concentration, improve sociability, develop hand and eye coordination and give a quality experience back to patients.

The results are prolific and many patients enjoy the workshop’s ambient but busy atmosphere of quiet experimentation and play. The service is augmented by visiting artists from Hackney, who give their time and expertise to enable patients to benefit from their skill. Hackney is abundant with artists and has over 12,000 in the Borough, making it one of the richest cultural districts of London for the visual arts.

Many patient’s art works are displayed and exhibited in prestigious exhibitions to promote their creative potential and raise awareness of the power of creativity and its power to help with recovery from brain injury.

‘I never thought I would ever be able to hold a brush, let alone paint a painting. Now there is no stopping me. I love the art room and coming in to explore new ideas and try different things each week. It’s been a great space to have and I value the time I have spent making art. It’s been a whole new chapter in my life.’ – RNRU Patient.

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