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This section seeks to demonstrate how this hospital is managed by the public it serves and the staff it employs according to the imperatives of ever improving patient care.

The hospital is managed by a board of directors comprising 6 executive and 7 non executive directors. The executives all have a clinical background and so are well versed in the DNA of a principal health provider.

The board is advised and supported by the council of Governors who comprise of 14 members of the public, 6 staff and 7 people representing interested parties such as the London Borough of Hackney. The Governors are elected by and represent the 7000 membership which is made up of adults who live in Hackney and neighbouring boroughs and who register to be members.

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The Council of Governors consists of 14 public Governors, six staff Governors and seven partner Governors. The partner Governors were appointed to represent their organisations – London Borough of Hackney, City Corporation, City and Hackney CCG, Queen Mary College of the University of London and City University.

Registered members of Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust elect public and staff Governors by an election administered by the Electoral Reform Ballot Service.

The sub-committees of the Board are the Audit Committee, Quality Improvement Committee, Risk Committee, Workforce Committee, Finance Committee and Patient & Public Involvement and Membership Development Committee.

The responsibility for clinical management and leadership is delegated to the Clinical Board, comprising the Executive Directors and clinical directors. Clinical care is the responsibility of clinical teams divided into the clinical directorates of:

  • Surgery, women's and sexual health services
  • Children's services, diagnostics and outpatients
  • Integrated medical and rehabilitation services.

The Standing Orders, Standing Financial Instructions, Terms of Reference of Sub-committees and other corporate information relating to the conduct of Trust business outline how the Trust operates. These and the Foundation Trust Authorisation documentation are held by the Trust Secretary.

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The Trust consists of Homerton Hospital in Hackney and the Mary Seacole Nursing Home in Shoreditch as well as local community health services.

As one of London’s designated peri-natal centres, Homerton provides a highly specialised range of obstetric and neonatal services. The Trust delivers nearly 6000 births per annum and provides 40 neonatal intensive care cots.

Over 3500 staff are directly employed by the Trust, with a further 1000 contracted to work for us or placed here for training. In the latter group are pre and post registration medical and health care professional trainees from the London Deanery, Barts and the London Medical School, City University and East London University.