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The Council of Governors represents the members and partner organisations and works closely with the Board of Directors. These pages list who our governors are, the duties they undertake and the election process. You will also be able to find minutes to the council's past meetings.

Our governors led by our chairman Sir John Gieve

Public constituency (Hackney)

  • Paul Ashton
  • Dr Coral Jones
  • Neil Jonathan Burgess
  • Christopher Sills
  • Julia Bennett
  • Stuart Maxwell
  • Dr Steve Cummaford
  • Julia Bennett
  • Saleem Siddiqui
  • Sally Mulready

Public constituency (City)

  • Vacancy
  • John Bootes (Lead governor)

Public constituency (Outer)

  • Nagaraja Akkisetty
  • Mary Rose Thomson

Staff constituency

  • Hilda Walsh
  • Suzanne Levy
  • Helen Cugnoni
  • Ibrahim Hafeji
  • Chris Mullett
  • Vijay Venkateshappa

Partner Governors

  • Judith Sutherland (City University, London)
  • TBC (London Borough of Hackney)
  • Dr Paul Kelland (CCG governor)
  • Councillor Jeremy Mayhew (City of London Corporation) 
  • vacancy (Queen Mary College, University of London)

More information

Minutes are published once they have been approved formally by the Council of Governors. This takes place at the subsequent Council of Governors meeting. 

The Council of Governors meetings are held in public.
The next meetings:
23 May

You do not have to be a member of the trust to attend. Members of the public who attend are kindly asked to reserve their questions until the end of the meeting.

All meetings take place in the
Education Centre
and start at 5.30pm.