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The hospital we see today in Homerton Row, London, E9 opened its doors on Sunday 5 July 1986, exactly 38 years after the establishment of the NHS.

Homerton 1986

Long before this, the site was home to the “new” Homerton College, founded in 1694 as a non-conformist teaching academy. The college moved to Cambridge in the mid 19th century and in 1870 the site became the Eastern Fever Hospital. Adjacent to the hospital was the City of London Institution with its own infirmary, and nearby was Hackney Union Workhouse and Infirmary. 

Construction began on the new Homerton Hospital in 1982. By this time, no new hospital had been built in Hackney for over 70 years but the new hospital brought together general hospital services from across Hackney. It was officially opened by the Princess Royal in March 1987, and remains today as the hospital for Hackney.

In 1986 the borough had a population of 185,000. Building the new hospital cost £20 million. There were 800 members of staff, 15 wards, 444 beds and 89,000 pieces of equipment to install.

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