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New Six Year Plan

A new blueprint for developing Homerton’s services over the next six years has been launched. Achieving Together outlines the strategy to take the Trust up to 2020.

Chief Executive Tracey Fletcher said:
“Achieving together sets out both the priorities for the next stage of our development  and the values of theTrust. These priorities provide a framework for how we make our decisions and engage with patients and eachother. We are proud of the services we offer at Homerton and the reputation we have for providing high quality care in hospital and our community. This strategy will ensure we continue to build on this reputation both locally and nationally.”

Three key priorities have been drawn up to respond to the
changing demands and pressures in local health care. They are:

Quality - that our services are:

  • Safe: that our services are safe, effective and provide harm free
  • Effective: providing services based on the latest evidence and
    clinical research
  • Provide a positive patient experience: taking into account
    each patient or service user’s needs, concerns and preferences.

Integration – promoting:

  • Pathways: treatment pathways are designed around the
    needs of each individual
  • Prevention: focusing on early intervention to improve health
    and wellbeing and reduce the costs of health care provision
  • Partnership: create seamless services in which organisational
    boundaries are not obvious to patients.

Growth – that we are able to maintain:

  • Scale: ensuring that core services are of a sufficient scale for
    long term sustainability and effectiveness
  • Reputation: continue to develop a national reputation for
    leading the way in providing high quality and innovative health
    care services
  • Turnover: responding to financial and quality challenges and
    increasing turnover to £400m by 2020.

We are required by the independent regulator, NHSI, to produce an Annual Plan which outlines our programme of work for the coming year.