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The art of Islamic pattern

The Art of Islamic Pattern: A Living Tradition

Homerton Hospital will play host to a new exhibition of Islamic art during the summer.

Over the last 10 years there has been a resurgence of interest in Islamic art as a contemporary art practice.

The Art of Islamic Pattern, an education partnership formed by Richard Henry and Adam Williamson has been at the heart of this revival. From their studio in Hackney Wick they have taught several hundred students practical skills in this venerable art form.

The courses have centred upon geometric design, arabesque floral motifs, and traditional craft practice. The works presented in this show, comprise painting, ceramics, woodwork, works on silk, have all been produced by students and colleagues. 

Homerton Art Curator Shaun Caton said: “Islamic art is renowned for its use of exquisite designs, which resonate with the most harmonious patterns found within nature and the cosmos. With the focus upon unity and harmony, rediscovering and recreating these designs can be a deeply meditative experience.

“Whilst there has been considerable interest in recent decades in the therapeutic potential of visual art, we believe this is the first time a show dedicated to Islamic art has been presented within a London hospital setting.”

To learn more please visit:-

Education Centre Opening Hours are Monday to Friday 0900-1600 hrs.
Visitors to The Art of Islamic Pattern Exhibition please sign in at the main reception information desk and obtain a Visitor’s Pass.

The Education Centre is not open at weekends.


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