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We recognise that staff are our most valuable asset and to maintain high levels of performance and staff retention we prioritise employees’ personal and professional development.

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The purpose of Professional Education is to support the achievement of the Trust’s corporate objectives. Our role in this is to design and deliver a comprehensive range of learning and development opportunities based on service and individual need thereby,  ensuring our staff develop the right knowledge, skills and attitude to be competent in their specific roles resulting in safe, high quality care for our patients.

We aim to create the right systems, processes and learning opportunities that help create a culture where learning and development is accessed by all and seen as an important component of people and organisational development.

Meet the Team!

Dr Haresh Mulchandani Trust Lead For Simulation

Dr Haresh Mulchandani
Trust lead for Simulation

Prof David Watson Associate Director Of Medical Education And Val Simulation And Clinical Skills Facilitator Dimmock
Dr David Watson
Associate director of
medical education and 
Val Dimmock  
and Clinical Skills Lead
Specialist and Centre manager 

Dr Leo SalmDr Clinton Vaughn
Dr Leo Salm           Dr Clinton Vaughn
Simulation Fellow   Simulation Fellow

Dr Hisham HarbDr Vathsan Ravindran
Dr Hisham Harb     Dr Vathsan Ravindran
Simulation Fellow   Simulation Fellow 

Sini John Clinical Skills FacilitatorKertrina Akinyede Simulation Administrator
Sini John RN         Kertrina Akinyede
Clinical Skills           Simulation Administrator