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Day 1 includes: Sign Off Mentor Update, Mental Health Issues, Alcohol and Substance Misuse, Safeguarding Adults Level 3, Child Protection Level 3, Domestic Violence, Audit / CNST feedback and Normality in midwifery and H20 workshop

Day 2 includes: Fire Training, Blood Transfusion Update, Infection Control and Waste Management, Smoking Cessation, Medicine management, Haemoglobinopathies and Antenatal Screening

Day 3 includes: Perineal Suturing update, Bereavement / sands update, Breastfeeding update and Maternity Manual Handling update

Day 4 includes: Epidural update, Basic Life Support (maternal collapse) and Anaphylactic Reaction, New Born Life Resuscitation (NLS), CTG interpretation update and peer marking, Midwifery supervision workshop and improving patient’s safety

Day 5 includes: Drills and Skills Obstetric Simulation, Overview of Obstetric Emergencies, Management of Fetal Monitoring case reviews and, (MEOWS) Care of the critically ill pregnant woman and in house meeting for obstetricians and midwives