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Work experience is a short-term placement where students from schools, colleges and Sixth Form can experience what employment would be like in a certain organisation or sector.

We understand that work experience can be extremely beneficial to students. It enables them to understand the world of health & social care and to comprehend the nature of the National Health Service (NHS). Homerton offers work experience to school students to help ignite their passions and interest by allowing them to sample various roles and career possibilities.

What sort of work experience do we offer?
The Trust offers work experience to local young people (14-18 years olds) who are still in school, college or sixth form and who are wanting experience of the health sector.

We offer placements in clinical areas shadowing nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals. We also offer placements in administration areas shadowing receptionists, administration officers and managers. All placements are dependent on a candidate’s age and preference.

The duration of these placements range from a few days, up to two weeks. Please note that we do not offer placements on weekends or after 3pm. Additionally, our capacity to offer work experience is limited by our work priorities and therefore not every applicant can be accepted.

Do I meet the criteria?
Look at the table below to see if you meet our criteria. Please be aware that due to health and safety concerns, we do not usually take students during the flu season (October- February).

Criteria for work experience in general administration or clinical areas

  • 14-15 year olds can only work in admin settings
  • 16-17 year olds can work in either admin or clinical settings
  • You must be a resident in Hackney or go to school in Hackney
  • Or, you must be the son or daughter of a permanent staff member at Homerton NHS Trust
  • You must be interested in the healthcare sector
  • Criteria for work experience shadowing doctors
  • You must be a resident in Hackney or go to school in Hackney
  • Or, you must be the son or daughter of a permanent staff member at Homerton NHS Trust
  • You must be 16+ years old and studying science A-Levels
  • You must be considering a career in medicine and be applying to study medicine at university

If you meet the criteria above, you can apply for work experience at the Trust.

How do I apply?
We would require a 16-week notice period to arrange your placement. You will need to complete:

  • The Application Form
  • The Occupational Health and Wellbeing (OHW) link including information on your immunisation history (a print out of your vaccination history can be obtained from your GP).

If you are considering work experience shadowing a doctor, please complete the application form and send it to the Medical Education Team on

Or, if you are considering any other work experience within the hospital (e.g. administration, nursing, physiotherapy etc.), please complete the above form and send it back to You will then be sent the OHW link to complete. 

What happens if I am accepted for work experience?
Once you have sent in your forms, the Work Experience Team will assess if they are able to accept you for work experience and will get back to you with their decision.

If they are able to accept your request, then they will start processing your forms and send the occupational health forms and list of your vaccinations to the Occupational Health and Wellbeing (OWH) Team. OHW may ask you to come in to assess you and may request for you to take a blood test.

Once you have been cleared for work experience from our OHW Team, the Work Experience Team will send you out a work experience contract a week before your placement is due to start. You will need to sign this contract and return it to your work experience liaison on your first day of placement.

The contract will let you know:

  • What time you should arrive on your first day;
  • Where to meet your work experience liaison;
  • What type of clothing you should wear;
  • Other aspects that the Trust expects you to adhere to during your work experience, for instance health & safety regulations.

You will also be asked to bring a £5 deposit with you for your work experience badge. This will be returned to you at the end of your placement once you return your work experience badge.

At the end of your work experience, you will also be expected to complete a feedback form, on which you can comment on your experience of your placement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. What is the criteria for work experience candidates?
A. Please read the “Do I meet the criteria?” section on this page.

Q. What if I am over 18 but want to apply for work experience?
A. Unfortunately our team does not offer work experience for those who are 18+ years old who have left further education (i.e. school/college/sixth form).

There is a separate process for clinical observers e.g. for those at university or other NHS colleagues etc. Find out more about being a clinical observer here.

Alternatively, you can look into volunteering with us or joining our Staff Bank.

Q. What if I do not live or go to school in Hackney and my parents do not work at the hospital?
A. As you would not meet our work experience criteria, please see this document for other local hospitals you could contact about a placement.

Q. Is work experience paid for and/or do I receive lunch and travel fare?
A. Work experience is unpaid. Any travel or lunch expenses that you incur would have to be paid by yourself.

Q. What are the usual hours of work experience?
A. The start and finish times vary between the departments and can range from 8am–5.30pm. The supervisor for your work experience placement will explain to you your hours and breaks once you start your placement.

Q. Do I need approval from my school to attend work experience?
A. You will need approval / a reference from your school’s career advisor or your tutor. There is a section on the application form for them to complete this reference.

If you wish to have work experience during school holidays, please ensure that you ask your school to complete their reference section before the holidays start as you may not be able to have a work experience placement with us.

Q. Can I apply for work experience at Homerton Hospital more than once?
A. As we would like to offer work experience to as many candidates as possible, we are not able to offer experience more than once to the same person.

Q. Would you be able to write me a reference after my work experience placement?
A. We may not be able to provide a detailed reference for you, however, we will be able to confirm that you attended a work experience placement with us. In addition to this, we will only complete this reference for you if you have completed a Work Experience Feedback Form at the end of your placement.

Q. Are there any contact details?
A. If you have read the page above and still have queries, you can always email us at Please be aware that due to the volume of emails that are sent to this inbox, there may be a delay in the response to your query.