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For anyone who is offered a job at Homerton we need to share certain information with you, and obtain documentation from you, before you start working for us.

Congratulations on being offered a job at Homerton! We are delighted that you have chosen to work with us in the heart of East London.

We understand that starting a new job can be daunting, and we therefore want to ensure you have all the information you need from us prior to your start date.  

You should have already received an offer letter inviting you to attend a Sign On Appointment and advising you of what you will need to bring. You may also find the information below helpful.  Please do ensure you read this thoroughly.

NHS ID and Right to Work Checks
If you have been successfully appointed to a job with us, we will have written to you asking you to bring identification with you to a sign-on appointment. For more information on what we need to see, please click here.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Clearance
Unless you have signed up to the DBS Update Service, we will also have asked you to complete an online DBS application form. Guidance notes on completing the form can be found here.  

Additional information about DBS declarations can be found here.

Employee Health Management Services (EHMS)
You will have already been asked to complete a Work Health Assessment Form, which must be sent to our EHMS Department.  Details about the privacy and confidentiality of this information can be found here.

Homerton Staff Bank
If you would like us to, we will register you onto our bank of temporary staff. This will enable you to work extra hours if you would like to, and if there is a service need. Joining the bank doesn't put you at any obligation to work extra shifts, but does give you that flexibility if you want it.

There are no implications in respect of tax or pay, unless you choose to work extra shifts. If you'd prefer not to join our Staff Bank, please indicate this in the appropriate section on the Staff Appointment Form.

Please download our Terms of Engagement here.  These should be signed and brought to your Sign-On Appointment.

Please click here for more information on joining our Staff Bank.

Trust Values
Please ensure you are familiar and comfortable with the Trust Values.  All of our staff are expected to embody our values at all times.

Internet Usage Policy
Please read the Internet Usage Policy prior to your start date, as you will be expected to adhere to it at all times during your employment.

Confirmation of Start Date
We’d like you to agree a start date with you manager as soon as possible. Most new starters attend Corporate Induction, which takes place on a fortnightly basis, on their first day. We can share a list of Corporate Induction dates with you when you attend your sign-on appointment.

Trust/Junior Doctor Induction
Trust doctors and Junior doctors attend the Medical Education Induction, which takes place on the first Wednesday of each month.  Your induction date will be confirmed during your sign-on appointment.  An outline of the programme can be found here.

If you are moving to London from outside, or would like to move closer to Homerton, it can be difficult to know where to start in terms of looking for accommodation.  There is limited accommodation on the main hospital site - Hill House which is owned by Network Homes.  For more information on Hill House click here or, to access the Network Homes website, go to  Make sure you make it clear you will be working at Homerton.

There is a great range of additional accommodation for rent and to buy in the Hackney area, including keyworker housing, and more information can be found here

Relocation Loan
You can also apply for a relocation loan of up to £2,000 to help you move home if this will be necessary.

Band 8a and Above and Consultants
If you are joining the Trust in a senior management role, you are required to ensure you are familiar with the Standards of Business Conduct Policy and the Standards of Business Conduct Register of Hospitality.  Please also ensure that you bring the Standards of Business Conduct Declaration Form to your Sign On Appointment.

For Consultants, you will also be required to complete the Private Practice Declaration Form and bring this to your appointment.  Please ensure that you are familiar with the Private Practice and Fee Paying Policy.

Pension Information
You are automatically opted-in to the NHS pension scheme on commencement of employment.  If you would like to learn more about the NHS pension please click here.

Additional Information
Additional information, including information regarding payroll, pensions, tax and the Homerton Hospital site can be found here.