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There are two different types of survey for staff to participate in: one annual survey in qtr. 3 and three quarterly surveys for qtrs. 1, 2 & 4.

Annual Staff Survey

The NHS annual staff survey had sought responses from a sample of staff working in the Trust however, in 2013 we, HUH, decided to conduct the survey online so that all staff could participate. This year’s survey will also be delivered online; opening early October and closing early December. 

This is an independent inquiry into their experience of working at their Trust gathering information that will help to improve their working lives and so help to provide better care for patients. 

The results are published for all Trusts in February each year and other organisations such as NHS commissioners, the Care Quality Commission, the Department of Health, and NHS England use the results for research and policy development. The national results can be found at the link to the right.

Quarterly staff Survey (Staff Friends and Family Test)

In April 2014 NHS England made it mandatory for all Trusts to ask staff these two friends and family questions every quarter

• How likely are you to recommend this organisation to friends and family if they needed care or treatment?
• How likely are you to recommend this organisation to friends and family as a place to work?

In addition to the questions above we decided to add a further 8 questions to the quarterly FFT survey lending us a more detailed understanding of staff experience, levels of engagement and views on how services can be improved. The ability to interrogate the data down to service/department level means we can respond and intervene with precision and speed to the feedback provided by Homerton staff.