DARE - Database of Reviews of Effectiveness

Direct and most up-to-date link via University of York NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination.

At its inception in 1994 DARE was known as a database of quality assessed reviews. Staff at NHS CRD identified potential systematic reviews and assessed them against a set of inclusion criteria that sought to select only those of high methodological quality. Since that date, the science of systematic reviews has developed considerably. The recent changes in the inclusion critieria for DARE reflect the improved quality of reviews published today.

While it would be useful to refer to DARE as a database of high quality reviews, the staff of NHS CRD do not think this entirely appropriate, as some of the older reviews on DARE, while of the highest quality at the time, would not be considered so now. Therefore they consider it a database of quality assessed reviews.

DARE is updated monthly and can also be searched via the Internet: users should be aware that the online version of DARE will always have more information than the The Cochrane Library version. The Internet version of the DARE database also contains "flag" records with abstracts of Cochrane reviews and protocols, and brief records noting those Cochrane reviews published elsewhere, such as in academic journals.