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This section is designed for GPs, practice managers and administrators, and other primary care and healthcare professionals who use our services.

The Electronic Referral Service (e-RS) is Homerton's preferred method of receiving referrals. Please refer to all consultant led outpatient services via this method from April 1st 2018 onwards. This includes all 2ww services.

The only exceptions are where patients should be seen within 24 hours of referral. These services are accessed via telephone as normal and consist of:

  • EPAU
  • EGAU
  • termination of pregnancy
  • high risk TIA
  • emergency assessment of the elderly patient

If you are unable to locate the service you require on E-Referral or require any other information please contact the e-RS service manager:

tel: 020 8510 5261

As a teaching hospital, some of our services are more specialised than others. Therefore, before referring to a ‘general service’, please look to see if there is a more appropriate specialised service for that patient’s particular condition.

Please address referrals to ‘Dear doctor/colleague’ and not to a specific consultant. If you would like your patient seen by a specific consultant please put this in the body of the referral letter.

Please attach the referral in E-Referral as soon as possible – the recommended time scale is 3 days for routine referrals. We cannot see the patient without a referral.

If a referral is not attached by day seven from when the request has been made to the service the patient’s appointment will be cancelled and rejected back to the GP to re-refer with the required information.  

Questions or cancellations

If you have any questions about your Outpatient appointment or need to cancel please email
If you are a patient and you want to know more about our services please go to the 'Our services' section of the website.

Registering with a GP

If you are new to the area and are looking to register with a GP please visit

Maternity services

If you are a GP or a patient and would like to be referred to have your baby at our hospital call the Maternity Helpline on 020 8510 5955. The helpline is open 10am-6pm, 7 days a week.

Consultant directory

The consultant directory lists our consultants, nurse consultants and clinical nurse specialists. It includes information about clinician special interests, clinics (where applicable) and contact details.

Homerton's directly bookable services

Clinicians in all specialities have been involved in ensuring the directory of services is accurate and reflects the clinics that we offer.

If there is no appointment available using the Electronic Referral Service, please ‘defer to provider’ and the referral will be dealt with in due course by our bookings team.

Dentists should use the central bookings referrals e-mail.

All referrals from GPs to Consultant led Outpatient services should be made via the Electronic Referral Service. 

More information

The 2ww Lower GI/Colorectal pathway for referrals received through GPs has been changed. This service is now available under the RAS functionality of e-RS.

Instead of these services being directly bookable they will now be restricted. The GP will need to send a referral to the following service via e-RS: 2ww Lower GI/Colorectal RAS - Surgical Outpatients - Homerton - RQX

Once we receive this referral our 2ww team will screen the letter, and then book the patient to the relevant 2ww Lower GI/Colorectal service (Straight to test Telephone, or consultant).

**Please note that you will still see the 2ww Lower GI/Colorectal services (but they will be restricted), you will need to send a referral to 2ww Lower GI/Colorectal RAS - Surgical Outpatients - Homerton - RQX **

Please inform patients that Homerton will be in touch with them via letter/telephone call within 2 working days. If they do not hear anything in this time, they can contact the 2ww team directly on 0208 510 5099.

Please see 2ww Lower GI Colorectal Flow for visual detail

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