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020 8510 5555

If you are unable to book an appointment directly using the E-Referral system, please refer your patients by using one of the following methods:
and please remember to attach your referral

Fax - 0208 510 7339
Post (though we would prefer email)
Central Bookings
Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Homerton Row
London E9 6SR

Directory of services

Welcome to the directory of services which provides the most up to date information on our clinical services. The directory is updated regularly.
Please refer via the E-Referral system wherever possible, to ensure your referral is dealt with swiftly. Please click here for 2WW search guide.

Services that are unavailable onE-Referral and urgent referrals should be fax'd to 020 8510 7339

As a teaching hospital, some of our services are more specialised than others. Therefore, before referring to a ‘general service’, please look to see if there is a more appropriate specialised service for that patient’s particular condition.

If you are unable to locate the service you require on E-Referral or require any other information please contact the bookings manager on 020 8510 7359 

Please address referrals to ‘Dear doctor/colleague’ and not to a specific consultant. If you would like your patient seen by a specific consultant please put this in the body of the referral letter.

Please attach the referral in E-Referral as soon as possible – the recommended time scale is 3 days for routine referrals.  We cannot see the patient without a referral.

Referrals not received five days before the patients appointment will be cancelled with the exception of Breast Clinic referrals these must be received 48 hours prior to the appointment.

Homerton's directly bookable services

Click here to access the latest list of services and how they map to the specialities and clinic types within E-Referral.

Clinicians in all specialities have been involved in ensuring the directory of services is accurate and reflects the clinics that we offer.