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04 September 2015


Stik 2 500 Pxl
Stik visited the hospital yesterday and sold 100 prints of his mural 'Baby' to raise money for our RNRU department. 

All proceeds will benefit Homerton Hospital’s unique and innovative art programme which began almost 30 years ago. The Trust now offers long stay patients with acquired and traumatic brain injuries the chance to explore interactive art workshops as part of their rehabilitation and recovery. Funds will actively enable the Trust to develop and expand an arts workshop service for the ECU (Elderly Care Unit) specially formulated for people with dementia.

The Homerton's art programme showcases many art exhibitions and displays contemporary art works from artists within the community and of National reputation to enhance and enrich the experience for patients, staff and visitors. Funds will enable us to continue with our exhibitions and displays schedule, maintain and upgrade our existing art collection and ensure that it is preserved for posterity.

Media interest was very high and the artist's reputation as a street artist ensured the interest would be huge and it was; queues started forming at 5am.

DSC 5303

And this is the reason they were waiting, to get their signed copy. This guy proud to be first.

DSC 5449

Staff were keen to enjoy the stardust and Stik admits to a close affinity with Homerton and the staff.

DSC 5365

DSC 5374

Our Art Curator, Shaun Caton, has a long history guiding the hospital in its collection of artwork around the hospital that often gets mentioned on social media and has been closely involved in developing the hospital's art programme.

DSC 5420

Our visitors and purchasers were very happy at the smooth running of the operation, plenty of laughter and warmth due in no small amount to our security team and our cashiers who had to process the payments for the eager purchasers wanting to get their prints.