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10 July 2017

Pergul Kara has been named X-PERT Health Lay Educator of the year

 2 Pergul Kara Sept 17

X-PERT Health provides education courses to prevent, manage and reduce the escalating financial burden of diabetes meeting the National Institute of Health and Care (NICE) guidance.

When Pergul started working at the Hackney Diabetes Centre 12 years ago as a Diabetes Lay Educator, Hackney was almost bottom of the performance league. Since then Pergul has had a marked impact contributing to the start-up of a number of significant educational projects in Hackney including:

  • Organising and/or teaching approximately 273 X-PERT and 12 X-POD courses including 23 in Turkish
  • Targeting hard to reach patients (mental health and language)
  • Diabetes awareness sessions in the community including one-off education sessions
  • A walking group twice a week for patients with diabetes.

Now Hackney is in the top 3 for QOF diabetes management indicators.  In a recent visit the CQC highlighted the Diabetes Lay Educator team led by Pergul saying  “Lay Educators conduct bespoke training to people at various stages of their care journey, and were instrumental in carrying out community outreach, particularly to hard to reach groups. Patient feedback from these groups was overwhelmingly positive, and patients we met who had attended these courses had good knowledge of self-management and diet.  Diabetes education was culturally appropriate.”

Pergul is passionate about diabetes education and in particular about seeing patients set goals and achieve success in the changes they make. She is able to challenge people towards change with remarkable patience and admirable tact.

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“I've also reduced my food intake, especially carbs of course and have lost weight for the first time in 30 years.  I finished a 12 mile hike with my walking group on Friday without calling for the oxygen tank and stretcher so hope I can keep these changes up.  Pergul was very good at dinning into us that our condition is permanent and progressive so laurel-sitting is not an option.”
Lyn, completed X-PERT May 2016. 

You can see some of the results of Pergul's work here