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07 June 2017

The annual R&D conference will be held on Thursday 16th November. It will open with poster viewing from 11.30 with presentations commencing from 1pm. Please do join us.

Oral Presentations
Have you been involved in an interesting research project this year? Have you something to share? Then submit an outline proposal for consideration by 31st August. Presentations will be limited to 15 minutes.

Poster competition
Our peers and colleagues are always studying the work of others to learn what has changed and to learn techniques that they might adopt to push their own boundaries. If you have something new to say share it but make sure to take time on the poster as it will be your shop window. The R&D and Quality Improvement teams will be happy to assist

RD Posters

We have fantastic prizes for the the best posters. This year £500 for the winning poster, £200 for second prize and £100 for third.  There is also a viewer’s vote, and the winning poster will receive £100

RD Award Pic

The deadline for abstracts for the poster competition is 28th September so it is time to get writing and the posters designed. Submissions to Christine Inwang