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08 November 2017

The entrance to the accident and emergency department and Primary Care Urgent Centre (PUCC) at Homerton Hospital has been closed to allow work to be carried out aimed at improving the access to services in the department during the forthcoming winter months. 

Using money received from the Department of Health, the entrance foyer to Homerton’s Emergency Department is being refurbished to enable a more effective streaming and redirection of patients entering the department seeking treatment. 

Dr Emma Rowland, the lead clinician for the Emergency Department said: “This is a unique opportunity to restructure and refurbish the waiting room, reception area and assessment rooms with a view to improving the overall patient experience. 

“Our team will aim to keep disruption to a minimum to ensure our patients continue to get the best possible service throughout the works, although we are asking patients to use a different entrance and the waiting areas will be a little cramped whilst the works progress. 

“The aim is to complete these works as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to the service. All parts of our department remain open and fully functional during this period.”