LEAP (Lifestyle Eat-well Activity Positivity)



LEAP (Lifestyle Eat-well Activity Positivity) is a Childhood Obesity Service service based in City and Hackney. 

Services Available:

Weight Management Intervention for children and adolescents

A multi-disciplinary weight management intervention for children and adolescents aged 0-18. On referral each family will attend an Assessment Clinic with the whole team (dietitian, psychologist, paediatrician and physiotherapist) to provide a holistic view of the weight management issues faced by the child or young person, taking into account their diet, levels of physical activity, and medical and psychological factors. This appointment lasts for approximately an hour and a half and aims to develop a clearer picture of which factors are making it difficult to manage weight. We also like to find out what is important to the child or young person and their family. Following this appointment the team will consider options for treatment and develop a targeted treatment and maintenance plan.

Clinics for our multi-disciplinary weight management intervention take place at Hackney Community College.

Henry (Health, Exercise, Nutrition for the really young)

Let’s get healthy with HENRY is a FREE 8 week course designed to give parents and carers of children up to the age of five years the tools and skills they need to provide a healthy family lifestyle and to be a healthy weight.  The course covers: 

• Parenting skills for a healthy lifestyle
• Healthy eating patterns and appropriate portion sizes
• Understanding food labels
• How to encourage children to eat more vegetables
• Activity ideas

Each session is supported by the HENRY toolkit of resources; books, games and charts.  A crèche is provided.
Let’s get Healthy with HENRY courses are available at Children’s Centres across Hackney. 

Please see Henry information leaflet


Referrals for LEAP’s MDT weight management intervention and HENRY can be made by GPs, children’s community nursing teams, health visitors, hospital services, local authority and other health practioners working with children or young people using the referral form below:

We also accept self-referrals for HENRY


How to contact us

Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm, tel: 020 7683 4098

1st Floor Defoe Building
Hackney Community College
50 Hoxton Street
N1 6LP
Tel: 020 7683 4098
Fax: 020 7014 7251
Email: LEAP@homerton.nhs.uk

Key staff

Dr Jill Ellis
LEAP Clinical Lead and Consultant Paediatrician
Email: jill.ellis@homerton.nhs.uk

Susie Longford
LEAP Specialist weight management dietitian and HENRY Project Lead
Email: susie.longford@homerton.nhs.uk

Serena Ramsey
LEAP Physiotherapist
Email: serena.ramsey@homerton.nhs.uk

Other Information

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