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The Children's Emergency Assessment area within A&E has a large play area and waiting room. It is open 24 hours a day.

CEA Waiting Room
CEA works closely with the Primary Urgent Care Centre (PUCC), which is also located with the A&E department. PUCC is run by GPs and cares for primary care ailments.

Registering and assessment
When a child attends CEA, they initially register with the receptionist. Following registration children have an initial assessment made by a nurse. This ensures that treatment is timely and relevant information is obtained.

CEA Partition

Types of care
Once the child is assessed by the nurse they will then see either:

  • Primary Urgent Care Centre (PUCC): for children with primary care ailments and long-standing problems.
  • A&E doctor: for children over the age of one year and those with injuries.
  • childrens doctor: for children under one year, all GP referrals and those with medical complaints.

Children may also be referred to other specialities depending on their clinical need.

After CEA
Once a child has been seen by a doctor, they will be discharged home, transferred to the observation unit, admitted to the Starlight children's ward or transferred to another hospital (usually the Royal London Hospital).
Most children will go home from the observation unit on the same day. Our hospital at home service is used when a child is judged to be well enough to go home but requires ongoing treatment.
We liaise with your GP, health visitor and other professionals if we think this will help your child.
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More information

CEA Window

Find patient information leaflets here

Dr Niamh Ni Longain
Consultant in Emergency Medicine with special interest in Paediatrics

Dr Meena Patel
Consultant in Paediatrics with special interest in Emergency Medicine

Dr Emma Rowland
Consultant in Emergency Medicine-Clinical Lead

Jean Lyon: Senior nurse 

Elizabeth Essoof and Marion O'loughlin: Senior sisters

tel: 020 8510 7808

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