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If you have been sent by your GP with an urgent referral to a speciality team, you will usually be seen in the majors area. You may also be treated in this area if you have chest pain, difficulty in breathing or need prolonged investigations and admission to hospital.

Within the major area is an Observational Medicines Unit (OMU).  This unit has 8 beds providing observation for up to 24 hours, for patients who need an extended period of observation or treatment.  An ambulatory care service is also provided within this area for patients who need to return to the department for further treatment over a number of days. 

Life threatening emergencies are dealt with in the resuscitation room. These patients are normally bought in by ambulance from the front of the building.  The Resus. room has 5 beds of which one is a child's.

Majors & Resus. is run jointly by Consultants and Senior Sisters or Charge Nurses, it is staffed by Nurses, Doctors, Healthcare Assistants and Therapists. The nurses wear blue uniforms and the darker the blue, the more senior the nurse. The Doctors wear green and the same rule applies.
There is a family waiting room attached.

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