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If you have ever broken a bone you probably wouldn't call it a minor injury. A&E departments would however, because they treat what may turn out to be life threatening conditions. Check the lists below.

Our Minor injury unit is located within the A&E area but that is not always the case in hospitals. If you do not have a life threatening condition you should go to your GP in the first instance if you are able to. Please phone 111 to get advice on the best course of action; it may save you time.

Minor Injuries 8 400 Pxl

More information

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What our Minor injuries can treat

sprains and strains
broken bones
wound infections
minor burns and scalds
minor head injuries
insect and animal bites
minor eye injuries
injuries to the back, shoulder and chest

What Minors can't treat

chest pain
breathing difficulties
major injuries
problems usually dealt with by a GP
stomach pains
gynaecological problems
pregnancy problems
allergic reactions
alcohol related problems
mental health problems
conditions likely to require hospital admission