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ACERs offers two main services; pulmonary rehabilitation and cardiac rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is a programme of exercise and education for people with long-term lung conditions 

It combines physical exercise sessions with discussion and advice on lung health and is designed to help you to manage the symptoms of your condition, including getting out of breath. 

PR is recognised as one of the most effective treatments for people with long term lung conditions. 

The ACERs PR programme takes place in 3 locations across Hackney. Participants attend 2 group sessions a week for 8 weeks. Each session lasts 2 hours in total.

Pulmonary rehabilitation will:

  • help to improve your muscle strength, so you can use the oxygen you breathe more efficiently.
  • improve your general fitness and help you to cope better with feeling out of breath
  • help you to feel to stronger and fitter, and able to do more.

Laura Graham; Lead
Alice Kenward; Physiotherapist
Josh Tipple; Physiotherapist

0208 510 5107

Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is recommended by NICE clinical guidelines as part of the treatment for patients with coronary heart disease. 

CR seeks to empower people to manage their condition. It can enhance short term recovery and improve long term health and well-being by exercise training and management of cardiovascular risk factors such as smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. 

CR consists of education about healthy living for people with a heart problem, psychological support and a supervised exercise programme delivered by a team of nurses, physiotherapists, dietitian, psychologist and pharmacist who work closely with patients and their families.

Depending on individual circumstances people will be invited to participate in one of the following: 

  • An 8 week Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme held at Homerton Hospital
  • An 8 week Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme held at the Britannia Leisure Centre
  • A 6 week self- management programme called The Heart Manual

Maureen Barry; Hospital CR
Marissa Ting; Community CR
Laura Graham
Alice Kenward
Clarisse Uwajeneza

Maureen 0208 510 7642
Marissa 0208 510 7016 07748 127955
Fax: 0208 510 7687

More information

Pulmonary rehabilitation
Referral criteria

  • Over age of 18
  • Patient under care of a City and Hackney GP
  • Under care of Homerton University Hospital Thoracic Medicine Consultant and willing to travel to the Homerton Hospital
  • Confirmed diagnosis a chronic respiratory condition or lung cancer
  • Medical respiratory council dyspnoea grading of 2+
  • Limited by dyspnoea or fatigue
  • Cardiovascular stability
  • Medical treatment optimised
  • Able & willing to attend twice per week to participate in the group at Britannia Leisure Centre
  • Can independently mobilise 10m with appropriate walking aid (if required)



Cardiac rehabilitation
referral criteria

Angioplasty and stent
Coronary artery bypass surgery
Stable angina
Heart failure
Valve Replacement surgery
ASD repair procedures and surgery
ICD insertion
Heart Transplant

Referrals can be faxed, emailed or posted.