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This page has two stories featuring children known to Hackney Ark

Shannon Gradley is a young person who also accesses OT and Physiotherapy services and has Cerebral Palsy. She was referred to dreamflight by physio this year and was lucky enough to attend. Off the back of this she has now been involved and sung in the Dreamflight song which has been released recently

Hamidou, a 15 year old boy with dyskinetic four limb cerebral palsy (GMFCS Level 1) was advised to join his local CP football team by one of his previous physios at Hackney Ark a few years ago. He joined the Watford CP football team and has been training and playing with them over the past few years. Over the summer they won the CP football tournament in Manchester with Hamidou as one of the strikers! Here is a short video of his story on the (official) premier league website!