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Our team of super Highly Specialist Physiotherapists are again making physio clinics fun.

August 19 2016

Last year, the team led by Catherine Lomas (Specialist Transition Therapist), supported by Debbie (OT) and Maxine (clinical lead) helped Hackney youngsters with Cerebral Palsy make films talking about their aspirations for later life and letting people know how they wanted to be treated. You can read about it and watch the films here.

This year they have organised a campaign to challenge preconceptions of disability; ‘We need to talk’. The highpoint of this will be an exhibition of photographic expressions of what the young people in Hackney living with disability are saying. The campaign aims to educate the community about their diagnosis opening up dialogue and challenge preconceptions of disability as a way of getting us all to think about disability in a different way. They want to talk about Cerebral Palsy, arthrogyrposis and Spina Bifida; they want to talk about how we walk, about how we talk and about diagnosis. They have a lot to say and they are going to say it with photography.

Pages From We Need To Talk About All

First however, they needed to raise some cash to pay for the printing and framing of the photos and to support the project and this was the plan that everyone agreed on; the youngsters would facepaint the physios and dress them up in wigs and scarves. Everyone would join the therapist team walking from Stormont School to Hackney Ark where the clinics are held only this was the difference; Maxine and Cath would be walking together 3 legged and would go on from the Ark all the way down to Liverpool Street.

With whistles and horns and collection boxes in hand we all walked along Downs Park Rd and all the people were very generously making donations taking photos and tweeting what they were witnessing. It was a beautifully sunny afternoon and everyone had great fun as the pics below show.

Ark 5

The exhibition will be held at Printhouse gallery, Bootstrap in Dalston from September 28 through to October 4. Please give generously to Homerton Hope through the project’s Virgin Moneygiving pages and join the dialogue

Ark 3

September 29 2016

Huge numbers including Madam Speaker Rosemary Sales attended the opening of the exhibition 'We need to talk' last night at the Bootstrap Company studios in Dalston. 

'We had therapists and Doctors coming from many different NHS trusts in London which was great as well as family , friends and members of the public. The evening was a great success and the young people had a chance to express their views and discuss their diagnosis with attendees. They presented themselves as the experts and used the opportunity to feedback to health professionals and used what they had learnt during the project to explain their diagnosis to the public in the hope of challenging the barriers they often face.' Maxine Darby, Clinical lead for the Children's physiotherapy service at hackney Ark

Opening Night

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Listen to the noise they can make

Some of the exhibits

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For further information please read the press release Sept 26 2016