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LEAP (Lifestyle Eat-well Activity Positivity) is a children and young person’s weight management service based in City and Hackney.

Services available


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HENRY (Health, Exercise, Nutrition for the really young)

HENRY is a popular 8 week FREE fun programme designed to give babies and young children (0-5 years) a good start and to help the whole family to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It helps families change old habits and to achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. Each session begins with family time and young children are then cared for while parents and carers explore the topic of the week. Participating families receive the HENRY toolkit and supporting materials. We offer group programmes and one to one support.

The HENRY Programme runs in Children’s Centres across Hackney. 

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LEAP Weight Management Intervention for children and adolescents

LEAP is targeted family based tier 3 multi-disciplinary weight management service for children and young people aged 0-18 years with moderate to severe obesity generally with medical co-morbidities, psycho-social challenges or complex needs. LEAP offers a holistic approach with support from a paediatrician, dietitian, nutritionist, physiotherapist and clinical psychologist. The programme starts with an integrated assessment to decide on the best intervention available. Intervention length varies but is generally up to 6 months with further follow-up appointments at 3 and 6 months post intervention to assess progress and support weight loss maintenance. The team offers individual and group appointments focusing on behaviour change, regular physical activity workshops, cooking sessions, parenting workshops and school holiday activities.
Clinics are located at Hackney Community College

Who can refer and waiting times?


We take self-referrals for HENRY (See contact details below).  Alternatively any professional who knows the child and family can make referrals using the attached HENRY referral form. 

LEAP Weight Management Intervention
Any health or social care professional can make referrals using the attached referral form.  LEAP accepts referrals for overweight and obese children who fit one of the following criteria:

  • There is a concern about obesity and universal services are inappropriate or have been unsuccessful
  • There are specific behavioural, dietary or medical concerns in relation to a child’s excess weight
  • When the BMI is between the 91st centile and the 98th centile) and the child has known medical comorbidities, psychosocial dysfunction or complex needs/learning difficulty
  • When Body Mass Index (BMI) is between the 98th centile and +3.5 SDS (Standard Deviation Score

We see all families within 4 weeks of receipt of referral

Contact Details

LEAP (Children’s Weight Management Service)
1st Floor Defoe Building
Hackney Community College
50 Hoxton Street
N1 6LP
Tel: 020 7683 4098
Fax: 020 7014 7251

The Team

Susie Longford
LEAP service Manager and Dietitian
Tel – 0207683 4098
Mob: 07951190737

Dr Jill Ellis
LEAP Community Paediatric Consultant 

Clare Crawford
LEAP Clinical Psychologist

Lynn Newrick
LEAP Physiotherapist

Lianne Hunter
Childhood Weight Management Practitioner