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BHICEP is our four week structured education programme for type 1 diabetes patients, run by members of the diabetes team. It involves attending four sessions, each lasting five to six hours, and includes intensive self-monitoring of blood glucose levels and food intake.

The aim of the course is to teach people with type 1 diabetes about the tools needed to much more accurately adjust their insulin to match their carbohydrate intake, enabling them to enjoy a more flexible and enjoyable lifestyle, while still attaining good glycaemic control.

The course is limited to four to six people and is conducted by a diabetes specialist dietitian and diabetes specialist nurse.

The course currently takes places either at St Bartholomew's Hospital or Homerton Hospital.

Participants attending the course will need to be willing to:

  • attend a pre-assessment appointment with the nurse or dietitian at the diabetes clinic at St. Bartholomew's Hospital or the Hackney Diabetes Centre (wherever the participant usually attends diabetes clinic)
  • attend all four sessions
  • test blood glucose levels at least four times a day for the duration of the course
  • learn news skills and share experiences with the group.

Practical carbohydrate counting
This is a practical carbohydrate counting workshop for patinets with type 1 diabetes. The workshop is three hours long, delivered either at the Hackney Diabetes Centre or at St Bartholomew's Hospital.