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We run a comprehensive gynaecology service, covering most aspects of general and specialist gynaecology. The service is part of our Women's Health service based in Tuke ward


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  • Acute gynaecology - this includes: a dedicated early pregnancy assessment unit for women with problems in the first 18 weeks of pregnancy; acute gynaecology clinic, which is designed as a fast-track service for women with post-menopausal bleeding or pelvic masses; emergency gynaecology service, which is provided by the on-call gynaecology team, to provide rapid assessment of women referred by the A&E department or their GP.
  • Colposcopy - a dedicated unit for the assessment of women with abnormal smear test results, providing treatment and referral as necessary.
  • Fertility
  • Vulval clinic - for the management of women with vulval disorders
  • General gynaecology clinics - for women with general gynaecological problems
  • Urogynaecology and pelvic floor clinics - for women with urinary incontinence or prolapse, and for women who have suffered severe tears following childbirth
  • Endometriosis clinic - for women with endometriosis
  • Outpatient hysteroscopy service - for women with bleeding problems who need this special test
  • Termination of pregnancy service
  • Surgical procedures - including: day stay cases for minor gynaecological surgery, including keyhole surgery; inpatient surgery for women who require more major surgery or who have other medical problems.

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Making an appointment
In most cases you will be referred to one of our clinics by your GP. Appointments and referrals can be made by you or your GP via The Electronic Referral Service (e-RS)

Where are these services available?

Women's Health centre is located in Tuke ward, map here, which is on the first floor of the East wing building and it is here that our gynaecology and women's outpatient clinics are offered.This includes the following:

  • Early Pregnancy clinics
  • Acute Gynaecology & Emergency Gynaecology clinics
  • Colposcopy services
  • Endometriosis clinics
  • General Gynaecology clinics 
  • Pelvic Floor Disorder & Uro-gynaecology clinics
  • Termination of Pregnancy service
  • Vulval clinic

The Fertility Centre is situated in the main building, at the front of the hospital on the first floor.
Outpatient Hysteroscopy services are accessed via the Surgical Centre, on the green corridor in the main hospital building. 

Key consultant staff

Mr Chris Barnick
Pelvic floor, urogynaecology, minimal access surgery, endometriosis

Ms Lindy Stacey
Community gynaecology