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Homerton Anogenital Neoplasia Service.

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The Homerton Anogenital Neoplasia Service is a referral centre that provides a screening and treatment service for people at risk, or, who have developed, precancerous lesions in the genital area. This includes the anal canal, the skin surrounding the anus, penis, vagina and vulva. We have a team of experts to give you information and look after you. 

The Clinical Team 

Tamsin Copy Copy
Cuming, Tamzin
Consultant colorectal surgeon

Mayura Copy Copy
Nathan, Dr Mayura
Consultant physician in genitourinary medicine and HIV

Adam Copy Copy
Rosenthal, Mr Adam

Julie Copy
Bowring, Dr Julie

Cappello, Dr Carmelina

Chindawi, Noreen: Clinical Nurse Specialist
Amoah, Sarah: Nurse Specialist
Ring, Christopher: Nurse Specialist
Doherty, Shantelle :HANS Pathway Coordinator
Corbin, Marilyn:HANS Administrator

To contact HANS:
call 020 8510 5940

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For all phone enquiries 
call 020 8510 5940
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