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During pregnancy, you will have time to think about your future as a parent and to consider some options for yourself and your baby, including decisions about the birth and about feeding your baby.

We provide a range of parent education classes to help you prepare for the birth and for parenthood. For details of where and when classes are held see below.
Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed a baby and we encourage women to breastfeed their babies and aim to support you to achieve this. Click here for more information about breastfeeding.

Parent education classes
Homerton midwives provide a range of parentcraft classes to suit different needs.
These sessions take place in the hospital Antenatal Clinic and are run by midwives.
We recommended that you book onto the classes as soon as possible following your 12 week dating scan with the aim of starting the classes between 30 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. You can book by via the following email

There is a rotating programme of 4 sessions over 4 weeks, covering:

  • Normal birth and pain relief
  • Variation of labour and birth
  • Postnatal care, postnatal depression, partner’s role and care of the baby; the crying baby
  • Infant feeding and tour of delivery suite.

(All sessions in any given week will cover the same topic)

Place of Birth session
The place of birth session is an opportunity for you, at any stage of your pregnancy, to spend some time with a midwife discussing the places of birth that are available to you. At Homerton University hospital the options include having your baby at home or in the hospital on the Birth Centre or Delivery Suite. At this session we can discuss which option might be most appropriate for you, and answer any questions you may have about our services. There is also an opportunity for a tour of the Delivery suite and Birth centre.

The Place of birth session is on the first Friday of each month, between 5.30-6.30pm in the Antenatal Clinic, no booking is required for this session.

Birth after Caesarean section information session
If you are more than 20 weeks pregnant and have had a previous baby by caesarean section, you may be interested in attending one of our information sessions where you can find out more about having a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC). The session is run by a consultant obstetrician and a consultant midwife.

You will

  • Meet other parents in a similar situation
  • Have a chance to ask questions and find out your options for labour
  • Increase your confidence through gaining more information
  • Learn practical tips to keep labour normal – relaxation, breathing, positions

For more information about the Birth after caesarean section sessions please contact

All other queries regarding antenatal education classes please email