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020 8510 5555

During your pregnancy, your labour and the birth of your baby, a multidisciplinary team of midwives, obstetricians, GPs, maternity support workers, neonatologists and neonatal nurses will look after you and your baby. For most women with uncomplicated pregnancies, antenatal care will be provided by their local community midwifery team, and their midwifery appointments will generally take place in their local community clinic however, we also have daily antenatal clinics at the hospital, led by both midwives and consultant obstetricians.

For information about contacts and clinics read the Maternity Service Patient Information leaflet on this page.



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Community midwifery teams

  • Area A: 020 8510 7327
    Team Leader and Public Health Midwife: Madeleine Upton
  • Area B: 020 8510 7806
    Team Leader and Public Health Midwife: Jane Ang
  • Area C: 020 8510 7118
    Team Leader and Public Health Midwife: Ella Spencer
  • Area D: 020 8510 7582
    Team Leader and Public Health Midwife: Sarah Flagg
  • Area E: 020 8510 7149
    Team Leader and Public Health Midwife: Chloe Lowe
  • Area F: 020 8510 7617
    Team Leader and Public Health Midwife: David Condeminas 
  • Area G (Waltham Forest): 020 8510 7714
    Team Leader and Public Health Midwife: Muna Ward

Community midwifery secretary
020 8510 5761

Key staff
Sarah Latham

(Maternity outpatients matron)
tel: 020 8510 7404

More information

Antenatal clinic:
020 8510 7175
M-F 8am - 4pm

Shoreditch Trust

Learn more about the Bump Buddies programme offered by the Shoreditch Trust
'Bump Buddies brings Hackney women together to support one another through times of they are able to share their skills, knowledge and experiences, and learn from one another.'
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If you have problems in your pregnancy visit this page.

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