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Different medical specialties are allocated different days for clinics in our outpatients department, so it may be only on a particular day of the week that a doctor will be able to see you about your condition.

An important note about patient cancellations

  • If you are unable to attend your first appointment we will try to schedule an alternative appointment with you.
  • If you are unable to attend a your second appointment you will be discharged back to the care of your GP
  • If you do not attend your first outpatient appointment you may be discharged directly back to the care of your GP.

We apologise if this sounds unduly harsh but we have to work by these rules in order to provide the expected quality of care to everyone who visits us.

Please note that you may be asked to provide your overseas eligibility status at check in

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Contact numbers
Please contact the telephone number on your appointment letter regarding any changes to your appointment or for general queries.

Outpatients Team

Our services

Outpatient Staff 2

Key staff
Outpatients reception manager: Iyabo Aderotimi
Outpatients charge nurse: Yusuf Hossenbaccus
Head of healthcare records: Paula Gale
Central bookings service manager: Janice Kelly

More information

This is the main outpatient department but there are others

Bryning Unit primarily for older people
Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health and Wellbeing Centre

Sir Ludwig Guttmann: father of the paralympic games
You may be asked to attend your Homerton outpatient appointment at the Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health and Wellbeing Centre. Find directions here 

020 8496 7000

40 Liberty Bridge Road
East Village
Olympic Park
Stratford E20 1AS

Pages From Sir Ludwig Guttmann Centre
If you want to learn more about the centre before your appointment visit the website here