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The Pathology department at Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provides laboratory services for a wide variety of service users, providing diagnostic and clinical advice to surgeons and clinicians from within the Trust as well as local GP surgeries and local employers.


If you know the laboratory responsible for processing a particular investigation then you may use the respective test directories images listed below. Then click on the specific Directory link to view test details.

Biochemistry Test Directory Biochemistry Directory  
Immunology Test Directory Immunology Directory  
Microbiology Test Directory Microbiology Directory  
Whole RBC Haematology Directory  
Whole Red Blood Cells _edited 150x 114 Transfusion Directory  

Please use the Department listing (left) to navigate to the required test and click on the individual test link for further information. Alternatively, return to the Guide to laboratory services page to enter a Search query if you know either a partial or full test name or the clinical presentation associated with a given condition.

The Pathology department at Homerton University Hospital comprises a comprehensive Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology, Haematology and Blood Transfusion service in addition to an infectious serology screening programme with off-site confirmation provided by the either The Royal London Hospital or another accredited external Reference laboratory.

In addition there is a full Immunology service managed by an external provider.

We are accredited to train biomedical scientists, and support junior doctors in training.

Our Quality team ensures the whole department operates under a rigorous quality management system to provide diagnostic laboratory services of the highest quality to meet the requirements of our users and those set by regulators and accreditors alike.

Here you can find information for patients coming for various tests and for healthcare professionals, including a searchable test directory and guidance on completion of request forms and labelling of samples. 

Find out about current events and new developments to our service in the Pathology News section here.

Information for Patients

You may be referred to the Pathology department by your GP for a blood test, or a variety of other tests to help with diagnosing and monitoring certain medical conditions.

This section contains useful information about pathology, including specimen reception location and routine opening times that will ensure you are adequately prepared and can provide a suitable specimen for analysis when you attend clinic. Additionally, here you will find background information as to the purpose of the test(s) you have been requested to have taken, or deliver. 

Information for Healthcare Professionals

These pages contain general information relating to transport of specimens, diagnostic protocols (e.g. dynamic function tests,) special specimen requirements and guidance for making test orders.

For advice on the communication of urgent pathology data please consult the Urgent results section of this guide. 

Guide to Laboratory tests and directory

Here you can find a comprehensive test directory containing a list of biochemical, haematological, microbiological and immunological tests available through the Pathology department alongside an explanation as to the purpose of each, approximate turnaround times and reference ranges in addition to referral centre details (if applicable) and any specialised test requirements that might apply. 

Blood Transfusion

The blood transfusion service provides a range of blood and blood products, performs antenatal screening and other specialist testing for the Trust and external healthcare professionals and advises clinicians on the appropriate use of this limited resource. 

Clinical Biochemistry

The department of clinical biochemistry offers a diagnostic and advisory service to clinical staff throughout the Trust and wider environs in addition to providing a tertiary service to other Trusts through its busy drugs of abuse, specific proteins and Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LCMS) laboratories.

In addition, clinical ciochemistry operates an infectious serology screening service with subsequent referral to an off-site provider for confirmation and specialist virology analyses, and an antimicrobial therapeutic drug monitoring service (TDM).


The haematology department provides a 24-hour quality diagnostic and advisory service to the hospital clinical staff and general practitioners which encompasses a comprehensive haemoglobinopathy screening and HbA1c monitoring service in addition to an established haemostasis laboratory for the routine diagnosis and treatment of clotting disorders (inclusive of thrombophilia screening.) 


The Clinical Biochemistry department processes requests for immunology investigations via an external provider which in turn provides a full diagnostic and interpretive service to healthcare professionals throughout the Trust and commissioning PCT. Further details may be found at: - 


The microbiology laboratories at Homerton provide a 24-hour quality diagnostic, interpretative and clinical Microbiology service which includes screening for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae by molecular assays (NAATs), diagnosis and monitoring of TB by Interferon-gamma release (Quantiferon) ELISA in addition to the normal compliment of assays and testing necessary for identifying specific infections and their corresponding (antibiotic) sensitivities.

Pathology Consultants listed in Homerton Consultant Directory

Please see individual Pathology Departments for further information.

Last updated: 10 August 2017