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The Point of Care Testing (POCT) Policy used by Homerton University Hospital describes the scope and responsibilities of the Trust. POCT Coordinator and POCT Operators (users of point of care testing devices or kits) in the implementation and daily use of POCT devices. This includes the requirements, training and awareness, review, monitoring and audit.

The POCT Committee meets quarterly and reports to the Critical Care Committee.  Minutes of the POCT Committee meetings are accepted and signed by the Chair of the Critical Care Committee.

POCT Committee Membership

The committee consists of representatives from Pathology, Medical Electronics and Physics, Pharmacy, representatives from all clinical areas, Diabetes, IT, Clinical Risk Management, Infection Control, Pathology Quality Manager (POCT Manager) and the POCT Coordinator.

 The committee may co-opt any additional members that it deems necessary.  If you would like to be a member of the POCT Committee or have a special interest in point of care testing, please contact the POCT Coordinator.

The Chair of the POCT committee is the Clinical Lead for POCT. Minutes are taken by a member of Pathology (POCT Coordinator or Pathology Quality Manager).

Chair of the POCT Committee

Dr Peter Timms

Consultant Clinical Biochemist

Ext 7886


Last updated: 20 July 2017