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The Point of Care Testing Team:

The POCT Associate Practitioner

The POCT Associate Practitioner is responsible for maintenance, trouble-shooting, quality control, quality assurance and auditing for POCT equipment and procedures within the Trust and works under the supervision of the POCT Coordinator.

The POCT Coordinator

The POCT Coordinator is responsible for ensuring routine maintenance is performed, and that trouble-shooting, training, quality control, quality assurance, auditing and procurement support is provided for all POCT equipment and procedures within the Trust. Any development of the POCT service should be in conjunction with the POCT Coordinator and any advice required for future POCT requirements may be provided on request.

Role of the POCT Coordinator and POCT Associate Practitioner

  • To contribute to and advise during the cost/benefit analysis of a potential new POCT service and the procurement of equipment, including an assessment of the clinical need, available options, suitability of equipment, required accuracy and precision, correlation with laboratory results, interpretation of results, maintenance requirements and backup service.
  • To advise on the Health and Safety aspects of POCT.  To ensure that Standard Operating Procedures for all aspects of the testing process are written and documented in accordance with the requirements of the Clinical Pathology Accreditation body.
  • To advise on the internal quality control regimen and provide the materials unless otherwise specified (in SLA).
  • To distribute material for external quality assurance testing, provide feedback reports to Ward Manager / Department Leads and assist in investigating and resolving the reasons for poor performance.
  • To audit the routine operation, record-keeping and training requirements.
  • To liaise closely with Ward Manager / Department Leads regarding the operation of the POCT device/kit and to detect problems early.
  • To check unexpected patient results.
  • To lend support as far as laboratory responsibilities will allow when instrument malfunction is suspected (subject to SLA).
  • To organise a backup analytical service where possible in case of failure of POCT equipment when a problem cannot be resolved immediately.
  • To send a copy of the Training Attendance Record to the facilitators of the Trust's learning management system (OLM) so that a complete record of training for all Trust staff is kept on one management system.  This does not preclude keeping separate records, to be retained by the Pathology Department. 

POCT Contact Details

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Last updated: 25 February 2016