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HIV testing and prevention advice are available in all of our clinics

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HIV testing is a standard part of a sexual health check up

  • HIV testing is quick and easy. Many people with HIV have not noticed anything wrong - the only way to know is by taking a test.
  • Even if your partner has a negative test, there is no guarantee that you are also HIV negative
  • HIV is a treatable illness - early diagnosis and treatment saves lives and protects sexual partners
  • Testing can put your mind at ease and reduce the anxiety of not knowing

If you are at high risk of HIV or have a needle phobia, we offer rapid HIV testing with a painless finger-prick sample


We have the tools to prevent HIV

Psychology Our health advisers and psychologists are there for you if you are finding it hard to negotiate the kind of sex you want to have. Please tell us if you are worried about your relationships or your sexual life.
Chemsex If chemsex is making it difficult to set boundaries and look after your sexual health, our peer mentor is here for you.
PEP-PrEP We provide PEP in all of our clinics and can also support you to take PrEP.
HIV Care Undetectable = Uninfectious. We provide excellent HIV treatment and care, including psychology services and peer support.


More information

For more information on London's HIV testing campaign click here