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We have a range of support available to help people live well with HIV


Peer Navigators

We have two Peer Navigators based in the clinic. Peer Navigators are people living with HIV who have trained to support others living with HIV. They are able to support people at any point in their journey - be that recently diagnosed, starting treatment, or in later life.

User group/peer support

This is a group of people attending the clinic who meet once a month to discuss among themselves issues affecting patients generally and how they could improve the services provided by the clinic.  The group is also a source of support for people attending the clinic.  Please ask any member of the JMC staff for details.

Voluntary organisations

Get support from one of several voluntary organisations, either in the clinic or at their locations:

Positive East

Positively UK

Body & Soul



Alongside U

The Food Chain

Psychology and counselling services for Sexual health and HIV patients

Specialist Clinical Psychologists and Counsellors are available to offer short-term talking therapies to address a range of problems related to HIV and sexual health.

If you are interested in finding out more about these services, please feel free to talk to any member of the JMC staff.

For more information click here

Community support team for HIV

The team provides a specialist nursing service dedicated to all adults infected or affected by HIV who are residents of Hackney or the City of London. They have links with other members of the healthcare team based in the community and are experienced in providing individual care and support for people in their own homes.

Social Care Coordinator

The Social Care Coordinator can help provide a link with a range of other services. He provides support for people experiencing problems with finance & benefits, housing, immigration, isolation and other areas.

Health Adviser support

It can be very upsetting to be told you have a sexually transmitted infection and it can leave you with a whole range of thoughts, feelings and questions. Health Advisers are here to help you sort through these.

Health advisers are here to:

  • Give you time and space to work through difficulties adjusting to your diagnosis and any concerns that arise in future
  • Discuss issues around forming new relationships and having sex
  • Listen to your thoughts and feelings about disclosing to partners, friends and family and discuss ways this would be done
  • Discuss what safer sex means to you
  • Support you if you are feeling low or worried