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Sexual Health


Homerton Sexual Health Services offers a full range of sexual health services at its two main centres: the Clifden Centre at the Homerton University Hospital, and, the community based clinic, the Ivy Centre, at St Leonards in Hoxton. For location details and opening times please follow the links on the right.

Services include:

  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • Contraception: free condoms and the full range of contraceptive solutions
  • Health Adviser services, including psychology and counselling support for people seeking help with sexual health
  • Full HIV services including testing, PEP and the Jonathan Mann Clinic which supports people living with HIV.

There is also a good range of services in our local clinic in the north of Hackney at the John Scott Health Centre.

Within Homerton Sexual Health Services there is an anal cancer screening and prevention service.  For information about this service please contact laserclinic@homerton.nhs.uk.

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