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The healthcare records department are responsible for the release of copies of medical records to patients, solicitors, police, social services and other outside bodies under the Access to Medical Records Act 1990.

What is a health record?
A health record is a collection of recorded information that is specific and unique to the individual patient. This record will provide information that ensures that patients are correctly identified, and that they recieve the appropriate care and treatment for their individual health needs.

Example of information stored within a health record are:

  • hypersensitivity reactions to medicine
  • test results
  • information relating to inpatient and outpatient attendances
  • nursing charts
  • correspondence from health care professionals involed in the patients care
  • living will instructions.

This information can be recorded and stored in a number of formats: paper, scans, microfilm, and computer (electronic). These records are stored in the healthcare records library and at our offsite facility in Enfield.

Homerton University Hospital has a legal obligation to ensure that records are maintained on all patients that receive care within the Trust.
NHS Number 
Everyone registered with the NHS in England and Wales has their own NHS number. It is the only  national unique patient identifier, used to help healthcare staff and service providers match you to your health records. It is an important step towards providing you with safer patient care.

All request for copies of medical records, x-rays and release of any information on patients should be directed to the following members of Healthcare Records, this is to ensure that we as a Trust work under the Data Protection Act 1998 at  ALL times.