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Many patients find they have spiritual needs whether or not they have a religious belief. We aim to provide for the spiritual care of patients, relatives, friends and staff, whether or not they have a religious faith.

Our chaplaincy team can make your stay as easy and comfortable as possible providing for your spiritual care, regardless of your spirituality. This might include:

  • helping to reduce stress or anxiety
  • being a listening ear
  • supporting your relatives, friends and staff
  • exploring issues such as 'why me?' and 'why now?'.

Religious care
For some people spirituality is expressed through a religious faith. Our chaplains, who represent many different faiths and denominations, are available for:

  • prayer
  • Holy Communion
  • to talk about your faith
  • advice (including food provision)
  • times of religious services.

The Sanctuary and Shabbat Room
The chaplains are based in the Sanctuary complex (opposite X-Ray 1, near the main entrance).The Sanctuary is a shared space for quiet thought and contemplation as well as prayer, and is open all day from Monday to Friday. At other times, it may be opened by the security department, located by the main reception.

The Shabbat Room can be found next to the Occupational Health Department, where Jewish patients and their families can find respite.  During the Sabbath kosher food is available, which is provided by Ezra U’Marpeh.

As well as using the Sanctuary for quiet reflection, regular religious services are held. Please contact the chaplains or visit the Sanctuary noticeboard for times.

If you would like to speak to a chaplain from our multi-faith team, including our Imam and Rabbi, please ask a member of the nursing staff who will contact them for you, or alternatively call us on 020 8510 7773 or 7385.

Otherwise you can visit the Sanctuary near the front of the hospital. A chaplain is also available to respond to emergencies out of normal office hours; please contact a member of the ward staff.

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